mn.retr0g4m3r Game Servers

Here is a list of all legacy game servers we run & administer.

Each web site has an About page that provides instructions to install the game & connect to our game servers.



Quake 2 Digital Paint: Paintball 2.0

big shout-out to jitspoe (creator of Digital Paint) for carrying the torch all these years.  Hats off to you.  None of this would have happened without you.  Thank you sir.

Quake III Arena: OpenArena

QuakeWorld DM

Team Fortress 2

Quake Team Fortress: FortressOne [under construction]

Xonotic [under construction]

server =

Real-time Xonotic Listings for Server

Quake III Arena: Urban Terror [under construction]

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Real-time Urban Terror Listings for Server